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July 30th 2014

so.. my bro brought my Fright Night 2 dvd box back to me

not the dvd… just the case…

July 30th 2014
July 30th 2014
July 30th 2014


Lana Parrilla courtesy of @thefastestant on Instagram. From Comic Con this past weekend. SDCC 2014

July 30th 2014

ouat gif battle → otp

July 30th 2014


Regina Mills Appreciation Week — Day 2: Favourite Scene

Last word from the Queen…

July 30th 2014





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this is how you character development

forever reblog 

wait. hold up. daniel didn’t die because of regina. a lot of other people died because of regina, but not daniel. daniel died because snow didn’t keep the secret, and cora chose to kill him. not regina. regina didn’t cause his death.

regina feels guilty for daniel’s death, as we can see here. she believes, as we can surmise, that simply by loving him she caused his death. it is development that she’s gone from blaming snow to blaming herself, but can we like. stop deeming this as positive development. regina is literally blaming herself for something she did not do. but feels responsible, because he chose to love her. she feels responsible for his choices.

i don’t feel like i’m explaining this well, but something about praising this character development as positive doesn’t feel right. it feels like agreeing with the fact that regina caused daniel’s death. please correct me if i’m wrong in assuming that was what’s going on here.

it’s regina taking on responsibility for something she did not do while apparently snow gets off scott-free for her involvement and that is something that is. not. okay. this is not healthy for regina.  she cannot and should not take on the burdens and responsibilities of others because taking the blame for this, believing that she is responsible for daniel’s death, that is harmful for regina.

you wanna know who is responsible?  cora.  and snow.  because snow decided she knew better about regina’s life than regina did and told cora that secret.  cora ripped out daniel’s heart.  the only thing regina ever did to daniel was love him.  regina blaming herself is not positive character development at all.  in fact, this being shown as something positive and then being applauded is disgusting.